Terms and conditions

Driver’s age
The driver must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license whose seniority over 2 years. Only the driver designated in the contract can drive.

Our vehicles are insured against any risk, however, a capped non-redeemable excess remains the responsibility of the driver in the event that his partial or entire liability is incurred, an amicable report or police report is mandatory in case of accident.

Payment of the total rental is made in advance by Swift transfer, credit card, or in cash (DHS or €)

Duration of the rental
The customer must respect the duration of the contract, any extension requires an agreement from the agency horentcar which reserves the right to resell the car in case of non return in agreed terms.

Delivery and recovery
The delivery and recovery of the vehicle is at the place of your choice (hotel, airport, station ….) and all week including weekends.